Lisa M. Russell

Lisa Moser RussellI do not write because I want to, I write because I have to. Working with writers as the Admin of Georgia Writers Association, it is obviously writers just can’t help themselves – they have to write. Everyone has a story to tell.

I realized that I have a story to tell, but it is not my story – it is His story. I want to share what God is doing in our world from my perspective. I decided early as a writer that it was not about publishing and making a name for myself. It was about becoming a better writer and using it to tell “our story.”

I would never be so diluted to think that when I am writing I am speaking for God. I am just sharing my journey and my experience with an awesome God. I write to find purpose and I write on purpose.

Lisa M. Russell is the administrator of Georgia Writers Association. A freelance writer and web designer, Russell has published curriculum with LifeWay Publishers and Christianity Today. She has numerous online articles on diverse topics. Ms. Russell has a Bachelor of Science degree from Shorter University and graduate studies from West Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University. Russell is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing. Contact Lisa at this address.


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